Jason King Dewaard


I am a man of many talents but very little skill. Or maybe a man of many skills but short on talent. Either way, I have spent the past 25 years making art of some kind, mostly in order to keep my sanity in check. Up until my early thirties, I spent playing music with various roots rock, alternative, soul and reggae bands around Boston--that is-- until my life and free time was suddenly enveloped by three small beings. My wonderful kids. Needing an artistic outlet that was less dependent on other people's schedules, I took a hiatus from music and dove head on in to painting.

Fast forward a few years to my mid-life crisis. I bought a motorcycle. I always wanted a motorcycle but was too afraid, too busy, too whatever. I bought an old honda Magna off Craigslist and learned quickly that there was a connection there. I bought another one a couple years later and took it completely apart. Had no idea how to put it back together but learned how these things worked and found a new art form to explore. The ultimate in utilitarian art. Art you can ride around on.

While I still love to create work that is purely abstract, I find it much more interesting when my other influences start to creep in. Much of my earlier work incorporated various pieces of spent electronics worked into a painting. Lately I have been using more mechanical parts as a sort of relief in the painting to create--or recreate the movement of parts working together.


Safehouse at Harvard University Gutman Library, Cambridge, MA

Exibited 23 pieces, sold 5